As you may know, a subcommittee of the SARDASA Board has been working hard to envision a more streamlined and functional organizational structure for SARDASA, which is both able to meet our mission of promotion, education, and preservation of American folk dance and also manage the Old Pueblo Dance Center. Toward that end, the subcommittee revised the SARDASA Bylaws, and the proposed bylaws are included as an attachment to this email. Many of the ideas incorporated in this document have been vetted through the board, but several will be new to you. To help you understand the process and to better identify the important changes, please read the accompanying Bylaws Revision Process Summary document found at the bottom of this page. We have also prepared a document with statements from subcommittee members about why they support, or in some cases don't support, portions of the proposed bylaws, also linked at the bottom.

At the June 27th meeting, we will vote on these bylaws as is. Per the amendment process in our current bylaws, we cannot accept changes or amendments to these proposed bylaws, which were read at the May 16th special meeting of the SARDASA Board. This meeting will be held via zoom, however, if it is possible to meet safely and there are requests to do so, we will work to create an in-person option. I personally do not feel comfortable meeting in-person and so can run the on-line meeting. To learn more about the voting process at the annual meeting, please see the linked Annual Meeting agenda at the bottom of this page which has some explanatory text.

Discussion Meetings:  Saturday, June 6, Noon & Saturday, June 20, Noon

So that everyone has an opportunity to discuss and ask questions before the meeting, we are holding two Zoom meetings where you will be able to talk to several of the subcommittee members. To maintain security, this information has been sent via email, and SARDASA members may also request it from their club rep and any other board member.

Here are some important tasks for you as a board member in preparation for our annual meeting:

  1. If you are a Member Club representative, Caller, or Cuer, please distribute this information to the Individual Members of SARDASA that are in your club. They all get to vote on both the bylaws and for the Board of Directors at the annual meeting on June 27. We want them to be well informed and also to have the opportunity to run for office if they would like to do that.
  2. Read the bylaws and accompanying documents closely and consider if you would like to be a member of the new Board of Directors. If so, please let Terry Hansen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know of your interest so that he can put your name on the ballot before the election. (Note to Club representatives: This is a change - you will need to do this in order to be elected to the board, should the bylaws pass.). Note that this board will be an active board and all members will be expected to lead committees and efforts. Please let Terry know of your intention to run for the Board before Friday, June 12.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Claire Zucker
President, SADASA